AgentOps provides session replays, metrics, and monitoring for agents built with Superagent.

AgentOps Github


AgentOps provides monotoring for agents in development and production. It provides a dashboard for monitoring agent performance, session replays, and custom reporting.

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Additionally, AgentOps provides session drilldowns that allows users to view the agent’s interactions with users in real-time. This feature is useful for debugging and understanding how the agent interacts with users.

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  • LLM Cost management and tracking
  • Replay Analytics
  • Recursive thought detection
  • Custom Reporting
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Public Model Testing
  • Custom Tests
  • Time Travel Debugging
  • Compliance and Security

Setting up AgentOps with Superagent locally

You can create a user API key here: app.agentops.ai/account.

AgentOps is automatically configured once you set an API key in your .env.


Superagent provides a default AGENTOPS_ORG_KEY that grants users access to specialized analytics features. However, you may also remove it or replace it with your own.