Stock Assistant

The Stock Assistant enables you to create a ChatGPT-like experience for anlyzing companies/stocks. Ask it questions about recent news, sentiments and stock prices and it will answer. This Assistant utilizes the Alpha Vantage API for accessing real-time stock information as well as the Bing Search API and the Superagent Browser API.



  1. Clone the following repository

  2. Change the name of .env.example to .env and fill out the variables. You need to setup a Superagent and Alpha Vantage account to retrieve API keys.

  3. Install the dependencies

    $npm i
  4. Run the app

    $npm run dev

Superagent setup

This app required you to have a Superagent account. Create an account by signing up:

  1. Visit and create a new API called Stock API.
Stocks API
  1. Optionally create a Browser and Bing Search APIs as well.

  2. Create an Agent and attach the APIs to it.

Make sure to use on of the models that has function calling capabilities such as GPT-3.5-TURBO-16K-0613 or GPT-4-0613.

Stocks Agent

  1. Copy the Agent ID and place it into your .env file.


After configuring the above you can deploy this Assistant to Vercel using these instructions.


  • GPT-3.5-TURBO-16K-0613
  • Superagent Browser API
  • Bing Search API
  • AlphaVantage API (Real-time stock data)